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Please ensure you send the proof of purchase with your {{answer_52486782}} when sending it in.
Lacklands Service Policy *

Warranty Service
All warranty repairs must include a copy of the original proof of purchase or valid NZ warranty card. Any warranty deemed to fall outside the warranty provisions (eg. impact damage, operator error, improper use) will revert to our standard estimate policy (as detailed below).
Notification will be given if a warranty service reverts to a non-warranty service.

Minimum Service Fee

A minimum service Fee of $85.00 will apply to all non-warranty repairs.

Estimate Policy For DSLR
A service estimate will be supplied if a repair cost exceeds $350.00 Any repairs that incur a cost of $350.00 or less will be serviced without any prior estimation being supplied.

Estimate Policy For non-DSLR
Includes: Lenses, Flash units, COOLPIX, Compact cameras, sports optics and DJI products.

A service estimate will be supplied if a repair cost exceeds $250.00 Any repairs that incur a cost of $250.00 or less will be serviced without any prior estimation being supplied.

No responsibility will be accepted for any data (saved or unsaved) that is stored on any media device supplied or included with a camera for service.
Please only supply accessories relating to the fault. Lacklands LP is not responsible for any lost accessories.

Declining to Accept Items for Servicing
We retain the right to decline the repair or servicing of any item. This would be applied where in our opinion the service charges would exceed the value or replacement value of the item requiring servicing or parts are no longer available and parallel imported items.

All servicing will only be accepted under our standard estimate policy or any warranty provision applicable.Where a repair charge remains unpaid for a period greater than (3) three months and/or contact with the owner or owner’s agent cannot be established, we reserve the right to dispose of any item to defray repair costs.

I confirm that the information that I have supplied is accurate and I have read and understood Lacklands LP's service policy and agree with the terms and conditions.
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